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Megan Fox Is Pregnant; Avocado Oil Has Anti-Ageing Properties

Megan Fox Megan Fox is expecting her first kid with loving hubby Brian Austin Green.

Intel has been pretty vocal regarding its strategies to shake up the laptop computer market with the introduction of its thin-and-light Ultrabooks. Don't look now, but the chip maker is also calmly promoting all-in-one PC blueprints, which could have a similar impact on the traditionalistic desktop space.

Netflix's first-quarter financials came in better than projected after a depressing last year, but it wasn't sufficient for stockowners to neglect a feeble revenue viewpoint.

Scientists have disclosed that avocado oil may have anti-ageing benfits like those accredited to olive oil.

Honeywell International Net Surges In First Qtr

Honeywell International Inc Honeywell International Inc., the manufacturer of products from flight controls to work boots, lifted up its 2012 estimation after recording quarterly profit, which beat analysts’ projection on demand for aircraft parts and energy technology.

Halle Berry said goodbye to her elfin-style crop. The leading lady of "Frankie and Alice" is giving herself a novel look with shoulder-length curly hair extensions.

The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has decided to fund whooping cough (pertussis) immunization for pregnant females and moms of newborn babies.

Best Buy Shutting Down 42 Stores

Best Buy Best Buy is shutting down around 50 stores in the United States, comprising its Fayetteville store at 128 Pavilion Pkwy and its Loganville locality at 4014 Atlanta Hwy.

As per reports, Temasek Holdings got hold of 3.55 billion Hong Kong listed scrips of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. for about $2.3 billion from Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

For the last year and half, search giant Google has been part of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigation regarding private data the company gathered as part of its Street View trait.

The 70-year-old actor, Ryan O'Neal, has disclosed that the medical doctors have found stage IV cancer in his prostate.

Sony To Axe 10,000 Jobs; Britney All Set To Judge ‘X Factor’

Sony Sony said that it will slash 10,000 jobs or around 6% of its global staff, and turn around its money-losing TV biz with the aim to come back to profit after four years of red ink.

Bank of America Corp. (BAC) is realigning its biz sections to reflect a regenerated focus simplifying the banking institution and to better sell a variety of products directed at the same clients.

Britney Spears and Simon Cowell are about to become TV's next commanding pair. The pop diva is near to signing a big-bucks contract to turn judge on X Factor.

Recently, the Ontario medicos have lifted up fears over the codeine-laced
pain pills. The physicians have observed that codeine-laced pain pills can lead to grave health complication to children and could cause death.

Facebook Acquires Instagram; Miley Cyrus Is Not Anorexic

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has acclaimed his $1bn acquirement of the photo-sharing application Instagram as "a significant landmark" on his own Facebook page.

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus has fired back at fake stories, which claims she is craving herself to stay thin saying she has gluten and lactose allergy and that’s why she conumes less.

AOL declared on Monday that it is selling over 800 exclusive rights to Microsoft for about $1 billion, marking the most recent salvo in the technology industry’s thoroughgoing battle over who controls the most moneymaking ideas powering the web as well as smartphones.

Beyonce Introduces Website For Personal Pics; Tai Chi Heart Gains Tested

Beyonce Knowles n Thursday (April 5), the day after her four-year wedding anniversary with Jay-Z (April 5), Beyonce Knowles has introduced a special, photo-heavy tumblr page, Beyonce.Tumblr.

When it comes to the One series of smartphones, HTC is trusting to follow Google's playbook for its flagship devices.

Samsung Electronics, the globe’s biggest technology company by sales, stated that it would post a record quarterly profit whilst analysts think the company has got back the top spot from Apple in the smartphone market.

A research just released in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology persuades regular practice of the Chinese mind-body work out for the aged.

Tim Cook Is More Popular Than Jobs As Apple CEO

Tim Cook With a staggering 97% approval ranking among staff, Apple's Tim Cook has picked up the spot as the top tech chief executive officer (CEO), according to a novel review from the career website Glassdoor.com.

As per reports, Ashton Kutcher has been attached to don the character of Apple founder Steve Jobs in an indie film called 'Jobs'.

Southwest Airlines Co. declared last week that it's lifting up ticket rates to counterbalance the soaring cost of jet fuel. And several other big airline companies are already accompanying Southwest's lead.

A study carried out by University of British Columbia's Department of Psychology stated that when coffee refreshes lethargic people, at the same time it also droops off those active hard workers.

Sprint Nextel Plans To Roll Out 4G LTE Network; Popcorn Contains Antioxidants

Sprint Nextel Sprint Nextel Corp does not confront curbs on whether it could market a potential Apple Inc. iPhone, which functions on a speedier 4G LTE network.

Zyanga Inc. announced on Wednesday that its secondary offering proposed to enhance the quantity of stock accessible to the public, lessen volatility and permit insiders to cash out has valued at $12 a share.

Rihanna had been romantically associated to Ashton Kutcher last week, when a report turned up that she had headed over to the actor's house late one night and spend several hours with him.

A new research by Tufts University disclosed that popcorn may hold advanced levels of healthy antioxidants called polyphenols than some fruits and veggies.

CA Lawmaker Requires "Facebook" Legislation

Facebook Facebook Inc. moved on Monday to disprove the claims by an entrepreneur that he possess a major equity stake in the social network.

People who are making attempts to shed body weight may not require to bar chocolate from their diets.

Spain based Caixabank has entered into an acquisition agreement to get hold of Banca Civica for EUR977m that will generate the nation's biggest domestic lender.

Pop star Justin Bieber reentered the public awareness today with the release of his fresh single “Boyfriend”, and not shockingly, his biggest buffs seem to be eating it up.

BofA Announces Rental Pilot Program; Tori Spelling Expecting Another Kid

Bank of America Bank of America has made announcement about the launching of a pilot program, which will permit a few homeowners at risk of foreclosure to turn renters and stay in their homes.

Nokia has introduced a new streaming application program for its Windows Phone devices, named Play To that principally is DLNA for media playback on numerous devices.

The province has placed a ban on the utilization of commercial tanning beds by those under 18, citing the augmented chance of cancer they can pose.

Tori Spelling, who delivered her third kid, Hattie, a mere five months back, is expecting again. Tori said that she and hubby Dean McDermott would have more children.


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