Microsoft Getting Hold Of Buddy Media; Microsoft Brings Out Application For Streaming Content On Xbox Inc. is getting hold of the marketing firm Buddy Media for approximately $689 million in a transaction, which highlights the expansion in both social media and the delivery of software over the web.

Microsoft Corp. inaugurated the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 04 by unveiling novel software named as Xbox SmartGlass, which will permit Xbox 360 users to stream and share content crosswise smartphones, tabs as well as televisions.

On June 05 at the CFDA Awards, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s effort on their fashion line the Row gained them the 2012 Womenswear Designers of the Year honor. Johnny Depp was also acclaimed for his special style.

Facebook Acquires Instagram; Miley Cyrus Is Not Anorexic

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has acclaimed his $1bn acquirement of the photo-sharing application Instagram as "a significant landmark" on his own Facebook page.

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus has fired back at fake stories, which claims she is craving herself to stay thin saying she has gluten and lactose allergy and that’s why she conumes less.

AOL declared on Monday that it is selling over 800 exclusive rights to Microsoft for about $1 billion, marking the most recent salvo in the technology industry’s thoroughgoing battle over who controls the most moneymaking ideas powering the web as well as smartphones.

Apple To Announce Dividend; Some Schools Ban Pink Slime

Apple As per analysts’ estimates and info gathered, Apple, which proposes to talk about its $97.6 billion in cash and investitures during a conference call today, is expected to declare a dividend payment.

Mitt Romney heads in to Illinois's presidential primary this week with a handy triumph in Puerto Rico, bagging the territory's 20 GOP delegates in a bruising chase, which has turned a numbers game for the Republican nomination.

Microsoft on March 16 confirmed that sample attack code made by the firm had possibly leaked to cyberpunks from a program it functions with antivirus vendors.

The lunch would not be containing pink slime anymore at several school regions all over the country.

Twitter Revamps To Hook Up The Globe; Marcia Gay Harden Files For Divorce

Twitter Social networking site Twitter on Thursday declared that it has finished rolling out modernized pages crafted to enhance the charm of the message-sharing service to users all over the globe.

According to a new study, antibiotics do not help fight the majority of sinus illnesses, although physicians usually prescribe them for that usage.

Networking firm Cisco announced that it is challenging Microsoft's $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype at EU's top court to make sure Microsoft will not block other video conferencing services.

Oscar winner actress Marcia Gay Harden has filed for divorce to end her fifteen year long relationship with her hubby Thaddeus Scheel.

Aniston Fed Up Of Pitt and Jolie Love Triangle

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston is sick and worn-out of hearsays regarding love triangle that associates her to ex-hubby Brad Pitt and his lady friend Angelina Jolie.

Yahoo Inc.’s board shakeup, which resulted in the exit of Chairman Roy Bostock adds to pressure on the firm to sell Asian assets priced at over $10 billion and reverse the sales decline that’s plagued organization since 2008.

Elaborating on earlier blog posts about Windows 8's "power hygiene," software giant Microsoft has shared novel details regarding how its newest OS will perk up battery life on cellular phones.

A federal advisory committee on dementia care is pushing for the first ever National Alzheimer’s Plan that directs to detect dementia in advance through family effort.

Microsoft Rolls Out MSN UK iPad App

Microsoft Microsoft has rolled out a novel iPad app offering users free and easy access to the complete array of instantaneous MSN content whilst on the move.

Frontier Airlines is coming home, taking its central office back to Denver with Thursday's declaration of a chief executive and a novel senior management group, which will be based here.

Demi Moore was taken to hospital on January 23 after having a reported seizure at a birthday bash she hosted at her residence.

Perking up the brain with tiny electric shocks can improve individual’s learning as well as memory aptitude, a novel study has discovered.

Daniel Radcliffe Is The Entertainer Of The Year; Brent Crude Drops Below $108

Daniel Radcliffe "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe has been declared as the "Entertainer of the Year" on Wednesday, capping a victorious 2011 for the young actor.

Brent crude declined below $108 today, on rising fear that European policy makers will fail to deliver a real plan to undertake the euro zone debt disaster at a key gathering, a result likely to harm prospects for demand.

Sufferers with prehypertension who take blood pressure–lowering treatment have a highly statistically significant 22% abbreviated risk for stroke, a novel meta-analysis said.

Microsoft has caused plenty of anguish among buffs of open source software over the years--just recently with its protected boot plans for Windows 8.

Lady Gaga Rolls Out Autobiographical Music Video; Citigroup To Axe 4500 Jobs

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga's newest music video, Marry the Night, directed by Gaga herself, resembles that of an ultramodern short movie as opposed to a customary music video, with a running time of almost 14 minutes.

Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is “winning, winning, winning, winning, winning” in the clash with search giant Google and other rivals to shift businesses into the proverbial “cloud.”

The majority of people spend just three minutes having breakfast as they are too busy checking electronic mails or feel stressed to get to work, a report has stated.

Citigroup is eliminating 4,500 jobs in its latest attempt to slash costs.

Sarkozy, Merkel To Seek Novel EU Pact To Deal With Crisis; Microsoft Upgrades Xbox Live

Angela Merkel Under the force of financial disaster and with the euro currency at risk, the two key heads of the euro zone stated that they would jointly push to reconstruct the EU into a more structured political and monetary federation.

Microsoft declared that the novel edition of its Xbox Live user interface will assist alter entertainment on the TV set. The upgrade goes live today.

In the Polish research, released in the European Journal of Personality, partakers were asked to evaluate how friendly, worried or dominant individuals were by just taking a smell of their clothes.

Rihanna asked for a bigger backstage area for her attires during a recital at the weekend.

Katy Perry Says No To Pregnancy Rumors; New Xbox 360 To Hit Market On Dec 6

Katy Perry The 27-year-old pop sensation rejected the reports saying she is expecting her first kid and was adamant in her reaction. In the past, Katy Perry said that she doesn’t want to be a mother.

Microsoft has declared that a significant service update for the Xbox 360 will reach market on December 6, carrying with it a freshly intended user interface, cloud storage, elaborated voice control with Kinect, and much more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is rolling out a novel antibiotic tracking method letting hospitals to check antibiotic utilization by electronic means, make healthier judgments about how to develop use, and equate themselves to other hospitals.

Scrip of Groupon Inc. collapsed on Tuesday, ending at their lowest peak since the Chicago-based daily deals firm went public more than two weeks back.

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