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JP Morgan Chase Injects $400 Mn In China Division

JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase has injected around 2.5 billion yuan ($394.08 million) into its Chinese division, the latest foreign banking institution to strengthen its Chinese operations.

RIM (Research In Motion), the sick manufacturer of the BlackBerry, is making plans to slash around 2,000 jobs as part of a worldwide restructuring plan.

Justin Bieber is wanted for interrogation by Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives after a photographer complained of being treated violently by the pop star at a shopping center.

It has been asked by a group of researchers from the University of Victoria that rates of caffeinated alcoholic beverages should be lifted up or else people would carry on consuming these destructive beverages at a fast rate.

CA Lawmaker Requires "Facebook" Legislation

Facebook Facebook Inc. moved on Monday to disprove the claims by an entrepreneur that he possess a major equity stake in the social network.

People who are making attempts to shed body weight may not require to bar chocolate from their diets.

Spain based Caixabank has entered into an acquisition agreement to get hold of Banca Civica for EUR977m that will generate the nation's biggest domestic lender.

Pop star Justin Bieber reentered the public awareness today with the release of his fresh single “Boyfriend”, and not shockingly, his biggest buffs seem to be eating it up.

Obama's 2012 Operation Joins Google+; 3-in-1 Pill For Hypertension Launched

Barack Obama US President Barack Obama's reelection operation, Obama for America, has produced a Google+ page, linking up some Republican challengers who are eyeing to extend to voters on the developing social network.

Justin Bieber took a DNA examination on Friday in reaction to the fatherhood case filed against him by Mariah Yeater, a Californian female stating the singer fathered her 4-month-old baby boy, and now Yeater's legal representative said that his client will submit her baby for screening.

Individuals suffering from hyperhtension (high BP) can now handle with just a three-pill combination, after it was released.

Starbucks Q4 Profit Zooms 29%; Eddie Murphy Is Hollywood's Most Overpaid Star

Starbucks Corp , the globe’s biggest coffee-shop operator , declared that its fourth-quarter profit grew by 29% as U.S. sales remained up. The company’s net income during the period under review stood at $358.5 million.

Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy and Drew Barrymore have been named as the overpaid stars , according to a survey carried out by Forbes.com.

Internet giant Google is eyeing to refresh its search outcomes with renewed algorithms. The updates could be a vital component of Google's approach to stay to the front of search competitors including Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing engine.

It has been disclosed that cancer takes lives of 40% of all males and females who pass away ahead of time between the age brackets of 25 and 74 in the United Kingdom.

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